Product of the Month: The Somero S-485 Laser Screed

At Somero, we are passionate about our customers’ success. When you purchase equipment from us, you can guarantee that you’ll receive top-notch service from the moment you purchase until you’re ready to upgrade to a new machine. Each month, we’ll be focusing on a product of the month where we’ll point out key features of specific products. This month, we’re featuring our S-485 Laser Screed.

The Somero S-485 is a four wheel, ride-on small laser screed that is effective inleveling concrete at higher productivity rates. Contractors can exceed standard flatness and levelness at higher productivity rates of more than 5,000 sq. ft. per hour. The offset auger head allows for one-man operation without the need of rakers for leveling the concrete. This allows for better equipment utilization for leveling plaster and concrete after it has been placed on the surface.

The all-new S-485 Laser Screed features simplicity meshed with excellent productivity and efficiency. The S-485 is the easiest laser screed model ever to set-up and operate. The Quick GradeSet System of the laser screed is fast and only requires one person to establish grade and fine tune the programmable height receivers.

Powerful Robust Engine

S-485 laser screed is powered by a powerful Honda engine with 50/50 weight distribution and four-wheel drive. This results in increased pulling power, thus eliminating the need for addition screeds and rakers. The reduced manpower needed to complete the work reduces the cost of operation thereby providing significantly higher return on investment. With its powerful dual sloping laser, the S-485 is capable of instant leveling, screeding and raking of single, flat, or dual slope slabs.

Auger-Less Design for Multi-directional Screeding

The innovative auger-less head design of the leveling machine allows easy attachment within seconds. This allows the laser screed to be operated in any direction including 360 degrees around a column, post or drain. S-485 laser screed is capable of screeding at levels that exceed industry averages and far exceeds most specifications.

Easy Operation and Control

The controls of the S-485 laser screed are ergonomically located and allow for easy accessibility and operation. The operator does not even have to take their hands of the handlebars, thereby eliminating the need to search for switches and avoiding any fumbling while operating the machine.

Unique 3-D Profiler System

The S-485 can connect with a Somero 3-D profiler system that provides various benefits in leveling concrete slabs. Some of the value added benefits of using the Somero 3-D profiler system include leveling of:

  • Multi-pitched slabs
  • Concrete parking lots
  • Multiple slopes to drains
  • Concrete overlays

Somero 3-D profiler system is complemented with 3 operator controlled high QuickPass settings that allow above or below grade raking and screeding utilization.

Value Added Features of the S-485

Somero S-485 laser screed is suitable for most slab-on-deck and slab-on-grade pours. The laser screed can easily be run on over in-floor heat tubing, freezer slabs, ice rinks, chaired rebar either single or dual mat. Other exclusive features of the Somero S-485 laser screed include:

  • Automatic head self-level
  • In motion vibrator soft start
  • Soft landing

The S-485 laser screed is the perfect machine for contractors that want better performance for operation in different surfaces. The machine can operate in a wide variety of surfaces without the need of additional persons for raking and screeding. Whether you want leveling of slab on grade, chaired rebar, 3-D contours or in floor heat and freezer slabs, the S-485 is by far the best laser screed available in the market.

Take a look at a video featuring the S-485 below and for more information about Somero’s S-485 laser screed, contact us today!