Somero SXP-D Laser Screed Jerky Boom Fix

Need to know how to troubleshoot a jerky boom problem on your Somero SXP-D Laser Screed machine?

The adjustments/checks that can be done to troubleshoot a jerky boom are below, in order of highest to lowest priority. After trying this if you are still having problems, give the Somero Customer Support team a call and they’ll help you with the fix!

+1-906-482-7252 Option 4

  • Adjust chains to proper tension as listed in owner’s manual
  • Inspect boom rollers/tracks for damage
  • Ensure NV1 (upper frame hyd manifold) is adjusted full CCW
  • Activate joystick swap to ensure it is not the joystick
  • Clean the screen that is under FR1 port
  • Adjust pilot pressure valve, PR1, in by 1/4″ turn
  • Clean the scree, SC1
  • Dead-head a stabilizer (to create max hyd pressure) and extend/retract boom to verify whether or not boom is still jerky
  • Extend/retract boom using manual overrides