Somero’s Floor Levelness System: Vote for Most Innovative Product

Is your Grade Control System running at its very best? Are you having difficulty with F numbers but aren’t sure where to start? Are you interested in becoming a more skillful laser screed operator?

The all new Somero Floor Levelness System is the first technology of its kind. The Somero Floor Levelness system monitors Laser Screed performance, operator performance, and also reports alert percentages in the case that there is an issue.

World of Concrete: Most Innovative Products

World of Concrete, the only annual international event dedicated to the commercial concrete industry, is held each year in Las Vegas. Somero is in attendance this year and we also have our newest innovation, our Floor Levelness System, up for voting! We encourage you to learn more about our newest product and to vote for us to be this year’s Most Innovative Product!

Training Tool for New and Experienced Operators

New operators can learn proper techniques for stabilizer adjustment, head touchdowns, and boom speed. Continuous feedback is provided reinforcing concepts and alerting the operator when issues are detected. The score system shows improvements when changes are made.

Trained operators can fine tune their techniques and know when to alter valve speeds to improve the screeding performance for that day’s productivity.

Early Alert and Warning System

All operators can benefit from immediately knowing if screeding performance is depreciating. An accommodating warning level for audible and visual alerts instantly notifies the operator if performance is below their expectancies. The operator can also use the alert system to make adjustments to technique or to the screed and redo the pass to improve the floor quality. The system is capable of detecting small changes which are typically not detectable by the operator, making the system optimal for detecting problems with minimal effort.

Maximize Laser Screed Performance

  • Real-time feedback shows how well the Laser Screed is performing.
  • Alert System recommends methods for optimizing performance by providing percentages of what is wrong and how often.

Helps Isolate Issues with Floor Quality

Floor quality can be challenging to understand because the floor is measured after all aspects of the pour are complete. Some processes before and after screeding can improve floor quality while others can lower it. The advantage of the Floor Levelness System is that if the scoring system remains high, then the screed is working properly. The question of what else has changed can also be asked. This helps detect changes from pour to pour to better understand what affects floor quality.

Learn More About Somero’s Floor Levelness System

If you are interested in the exclusive Somero Floor Levelness System and want to know more about Somero, please contact one of our customer service representatives today. We are passionate about your success!