State of the US Construction Industry and Effects on Concrete Projects

Coming back from the worst construction deficit in the past 75 years, it wasn’t easy for anyone working in the construction industry. There was indeed a ‘come back’ in 2011 according to financial results that showed steady improvement and has continued since.

As the US economy improves, so does the construction industry. Types of work related to construction has changed some over the past few years: there has been a significant increase in repair work and paving and a compelling decrease in residential/tilt-up construction.

Nonetheless, concrete is the single most widely used material in the world and plays a major role in any and all construction companies. Without concrete, most construction projects would be unsuccessful and unable to finish. The same can be said for proper Laser Screeds for concrete projects; worker’s conditions and labor costs can and will take a turn for the worst without the proper equipment.

The US construction industry is primarily engaged in the construction of buildings and engineering projects (e.g., highways and utility systems). Establishments within the US Department of Labor are primarily engaged in subdividing land for sale as building sites are also included in this sector ( Variations of construction can include new work, additions, alterations, or maintenance and repairs. (Concrete Projects included!)

The work will sometimes take place in establishments that are managed at a fixed place of business, but more often will perform at multiple project sites. Project responsibilities are usually specified in contracts with the owners of the projects (prime contracts) or contracts with other construction establishments (subcontracts), as you probably already know.

Future Construction Growth & Planning Ahead

According Dodge Data & Analytics, it was predicted that the construction industry was to see an even greater balance growth this year. The report also stated that the U.S. construction industry was to experience a 9% gain in 2015. Most likely you have noticed this effect in relation to concrete projects already, but we just wanted to emphasize how much of this is a direct result of the U.S. government and its funding. Because of the infinite number of government establishments, there is construction to done on an ongoing basis.

Whether you are within the building, housing, public works, or manufacturing market sectors, there is a very high demand for large concrete development projects.

If you’re a concrete contractor company, these are the trends you should be aware of as the construction industry continues to grow. With this growth, we’re bound to see an influx of concrete projects and as such, you and your team should be prepared with the right equipment.

Using Somero® Laser Screed® models, you’re able to execute projects quickly, efficiently, and with 100% accuracy. Our machines are built to ensure that your concrete floors are entirely flat and that you use less manpower than ever before to get exceptional results.

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