Stay Ahead of the Curve: Upgrade Your Laser Screed Model

The concrete industry is competitive, and staying ahead of the curve means always looking for ways to improve the quality, control, and precision of the product. At the same time, it is vital that contractors maintain efficiency on the jobsite in order to improve their bottom line. The key to doing this and staying ahead of the competition is using innovative and productive equipment that features cutting edge technology for faster, flatter installations that use fewer people.

Innovative Equipment from Somero

Somero® provides Laser Screed® models that do just that. Through our dedication to innovation and developing quality concrete leveling equipment, we have created a line of Laser Screed models that help contractors stay ahead of the curve. Our innovative equipment allows contractors to complete projects faster and with more control and precision. Overall, this helps teams cut down on unnecessary labor, while improving the company’s bottom line.

OASIS Laser Control System

Somero remains committed to making innovative improvements that allow concrete contractors to improve the quality of their work and the efficiency of their team. Our newer equipment models and refurbished models feature a fully integrated OASIS laser control system (Open Architecture Somero Integrated System). This allows the screed head to hold grade while it levels and consolidates the concrete in a single pass.

The OASIS system is the latest and best laser control system that helps enhance control and increase efficiency for each job. When upgrading to a model that features this system, contractors have the peace of mind in knowing that their operating system will never become obsolete. The best part is, Somero’s factor certified remanufactured Laser Screed models come with the OASIS upgrade. This means that you can still upgrade your leaser screed model at an affordable cost.

Somero’s State-of-the-Art Technology

Somero® is the industry leader for innovative and productive concrete placing and leveling solutions. We are always researching ways to improve our equipment and developing new technology to create even better and more innovative products. Contactors who upgrade their equipment by purchasing one of the latest and most innovative Laser Screeds from Somero will be able to enhance the quality and precision of their work and increase efficiency on the jobsite.

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