Steps to Perfectly Polished Concrete Floors: It Starts with Concrete Leveling

The demand for polished concrete is at an all-time high all over the world. The method of polishing this type of surface with grinders is a lot like refinishing wood with floor sander. Concrete grinders are simply used to grind down a surface with the use of a combination of diamond abrasives that are metal bond; this is what successfully achieves the right smoothness and shine.

Just the way sandpaper comes in various levels of abrasiveness and grits, the abrasives also have levels of grit up to 300 grit. The lower the level of grit, the coarser the tool will be. In the same way, if you want the concrete to have super glossy look, then finishing it with 3000 grit will give you the best results.

Single out the Concrete’s Condition

If you are planning on polishing an existing concrete floor, you need to first of all evaluate the condition the concrete surface is in (we are talking the hardness and evenness of the concrete floor). First off, you need to level the concrete. This accounts for any ground repairs that might be needed. Holes are filled and cracks are managed.

The First Grinding Process

You need to prepare for the first rough grinding with the metal bond abrasives that ready the surface for the final smoothing go. The concrete grinding procedure does not stop with one step. It may take doing twice or thrice depending on the condition of the concrete.

When you remove a thick layer of the material to level it, the concrete itself becomes weak and this is where you need to add in a densifier that helps harden the concrete. This beneficial applicant helps to harden and solidify the concrete surface and gives you extra protection from staining and water penetration. The concrete needs to be hard otherwise it cannot get you the polish result that you are looking for. You may want to look up densifier as well if you want to learn more on the matter.

The Final Polish

When making a pass, the aim is to buff out the scratch marks that were made from the previous pass that you carried out. As you work through it you will find that switching to the next finer grit level will come easy to you by looking at the floor surface and the quantity of material that you get rid of.

Protect the Polish

Check to see if you have achieved the shine and polish that you desired. If you have you need to protect it. This calls for a commercial grade stain guard protect product. This is important even if you don’t think the surface may be frequently exposed to grease or other chemicals. This is a lot like when you apply Scotch Gard to fabric; the solution penetrates the concrete’s surface and makes them a lot more resistant to dirt and stain absorption.

Leveling Concrete Floors with Laser Screed® Technology

The first step to a great, leveled concrete floor is the concrete leveling process. Through proper concrete leveling, you’re able to set the foundation for a beautiful (and flat) concrete floor. Somero® Enterprises is the world’s leading supplier of Laser Screed models, which assist concrete teams in creating beautifully flat concrete floors.

Our machines are equipped with the latest technology and allow your team to complete a concrete project in a fraction of the time of a conventional team. We also provide extensive training for those that purchase our machine as well as 24/7 support after the purchase has been made.

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