The Importance of Proper Laser Screed Maintenance

Whether you are running a large operation with many team members or working on smaller projects, it is essential to keep up with your Laser Screed® equipment maintenance. Preventative maintenance helps you maintain efficiency and safety at the job site, while also avoiding costly repairs and replacement.

Why Laser Screed Maintenance is Essential

Laser Screed equipment was developed to make the concrete contractor more efficient, productive, and profitable. The best way to ensure that your equipment continues to function at maximum productivity is through regular maintenance.

Here are just some of the benefits of proper Laser Screed equipmentmaintenance:

· Maintains efficiency – One of the greatest benefits of Laser Screed equipment is that it increases work efficiency. Regular maintenance is essential to maintaining this productivity.

· Supports a safe work environment – Making sure that all of your equipment is in proper working order helps you provide a safe work environment for you and your team.

· Extends the life of equipment – Preventative maintenance can help you get the full value out of your Laser Screed equipment. By regularly maintaining and servicing your equipment, you can extend the life of the equipment and forgo the need for early replacement.

· Reduces future costs – By maintaining Laser Screed® equipment effectively, you reduce your chances of needing to make costly repairs on the equipment, which not only costs you money but can also result in significant downtime.

Ways to Keep Maintenance Laser Screed Effective

The best way to successfully maintain your Laser Screed equipment is by following the lubrication and maintenance schedules for the model that you use. These schedules are developed specifically for your equipment and have been created to help you maintain the life of your model.

The maintenance schedule makes it easy for you to keep track of what needs to be serviced and how often. By following this schedule, you can help maintain team safety and job efficiency by ensuring that your equipment continues to work effectively.

As part of our commitment to customer service, Somero® offers maintenance schedules for all of our equipment in an easy-to-open PDF format. In addition to service items and intervals, these schedules also offer a page reference for more detailed information on service procedures.

Somero Offers World-Class Customer Service

Somero recognizes how important regular maintenance on your Laser Screed equipment is for promoting safety and efficiency on the job site. That is why we offer 24/7, world-class service coverage on our equipment year-round.

As part of this coverage, our company can provide training, equipment evaluation, mechanical repairs, service contracts and extended warranties, and instant troubleshooting by phone to help you maintain the value of your equipment throughout its work life. We also work with service partners to make maintenance and service convenient for all of our valued customers.

To learn more about our laser screed service, contact us through our website or call us at 1 (906) 482-7252.