The Importance of Support When Purchasing a Laser Screed

As the worldwide leader in concrete leveling equipment, we strive to provide all of our customers — no matter where they are in the world — with the best possible 24/7 support and annual service agreements. But just saying that doesn’t really mean much until you’re in a position where you need help. Here are 5 reasons why support is critically important when purchasing a laser screed.

1. Time is Money

When you’re working on a job and you need assistance, you can’t afford to wait until the following day to call during the limited hours when a customer support specialist is available. That’s why having premium support available when you need it is crucial, especially when you invest in a laser screed. We know that contractors work all different hours and in different time zones, which is why we employ 24/7 support for our products.

2. Get Solutions When You Need Them

When you come across a problem, you need it solved. Our 24/7 global customer service is available to help determine the root of an issue and walk you through a solution. The value in our product is that you are not left to fend for yourself on the job site. Our intuitive products can help improve your work, and our customer service team can improve your experience using them.

3. Keep Your Equipment Work-Ready

When you have support by way of a service agreement, you ensure that your machinery is going to be maintained properly and in top running shape. Whether you have new operators who aren’t used to the equipment or your machine has been idle for an extended period of time, our service agreement can help make sure you don’t have any issues when you’re up and running.

Our service agreements provide two days of onsite service or maintenance annually (we have reduced rates for travelling to the customer, as well as a reduced rate for additional work performed). Additionally, your Somero machines get inspected when a rep is onsite, and you receive a follow up report that will remind you about any required repairs or regular maintenance.

4. Know How to Care for Your Laser Screed

We stand by every product that we make, and we want our customers to know how to care for our products. In addition to providing every customer with the maintenance schedule, our customer service can walk you through the steps. Additionally, you can obtain maintenance schedules online for every screed we produce on our website.

5. Protect Your Investment

Laser screeds are an expensive investment. It’s certainly a worthwhile one, but an expensive one nonetheless. When your business procures a laser screed, it’s beneficial to protect the investment — and the machinery itself — with an Extended Warranty or Total Care Program. This kind of equipment support will ensure that everything is running smoothly now and in the future.

At Somero, we want you to be completely satisfied with your product. We want your business to succeed, and we will be there for you when you need us.

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