The Key to Somero’s Laser Screed Models: Proper Customer Service and Laser Screed Training

The key to Somero’s Laser Screed® models are a combination of proper customer service and Laser Screed training. We have years of experience working with customers to solve even the toughest application and maintenance problems associated with Laser Screed concrete leveling equipment. When you buy from Somero®, we stand behind our equipment and provide you with our expert help 24 hours a day as needed. We adjust ourselves to our customers to strategically tackle their greatest concerns, while providing as much training and support necessary to meet their overall wants and needs.

Proper Customer Service

Every piece of Somero equipment is designed and built to provide maximum productivity and operation economy throughout its working life, and part of that is contributed by proper customer service. The Somero® service group can help you to maintain the built-in value of our Laser Screed models, with a variety of other services too. Our Global Technical Support team can assist and identify any key issues you may be having and provide meaningful solutions. We help you before, during, and after a purchase to ensure ultimate satisfaction.

Our Global Technical Support team members are always available to assist and discuss your machine operation over the phone to help get your equipment up and running quickly. Troubleshooting over the phone is one of the quickest and most convenient ways to provide solutions and suggestions to our customers for all of their service needs. In a recent 2015 customer satisfaction survey, 4/5 people claimed that it took much less time than expected for Somero to respond to their questions and concerns. Somero continues to respond to our customers as swiftly as possible to ensure all problems and complications are addressed.

State-of-the-Art Laser Screed Training

We know first-hand at Somero that concrete construction sites can be complicated and stressful locations. As a contractor, you may have recently hire a new operator or want to brush up on your current operator’s skills.

Somero can help you find ways to improve efficiencies, enhance jobsite safety, and overall costs. It would be beneficial for a concrete construction company to hire the most qualified professionals available since the mishandling of laser screeds can lead to significant injuries. If you are looking for more information about laser screed training and/or you would like to sign up for a class, click here.