The Keys to Successful Concrete Leveling

To level concrete successfully requires many steps: planning, coordination, communication, and oversight are just a few steps that need to go smoothly to ensure an efficient concrete project. At Somero®, we are the leading providers ofconcrete leveling equipment across the globe. We love to see our customers succeed and that is the driving passion behind everything we do. Here, we’ve put together a few tips to help your company with concrete leveling projects.

Make Use of High-Level Concrete Leveling Equipment

Obtaining high-level concrete leveling equipment is one of the best things you can do you for your team. Using concrete leveling equipment can help your company complete projects in a timely fashion with minimal issues, increased efficiency, and laser precision.

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Hire an Efficient and Effective Team

Concrete leveling machinery can do wonders for a contractor and his/her team, however, it’s still important to hire the right team members. When it comes to hiring, your potential team members should have a proven record of SFRC floor construction as well as overall experience in the industry.

Complete Proper Preconstruction Feasibility Review

Having a proper preconstruction review will ensure that you have a clear idea of how to progress through the project and the required budgetary considerations that you will incur. This phase will also ensure greater efficiency and the chances of success throughout the project and that all the unnecessary costs are reduced from the project. Preconstruction and feasibility review also allows cutting down on costs without compromising on the safety or the quality of the products.

Communicate Effectively

There should always be proper communication between the contractors and the suppliers at all times because miscommunications can lead to the risk of the project developing a great amount of issues midway.

Organize All Areas

Be sure that no matter what you do, you do it in a highly clean and a well-organized manner. This means that your work site should be clear of any unneeded things and your storage areas should be well organized so that you can improve the efficiency of your procedures and the overall project. A clean and well organized project will also be able to finish on time and therefore delivered to you without any delay.

Keep Cement Contents Consistent

This helps in ensuring that any further sand proportion adjustments can be reduced and the consistency will also help in achieving balanced concrete leveling. Your project will, hence, be far more efficient and will be able to be completed in a timely manner.

Increase Concrete Leveling Efficiency with Somero®’s Product Line

The above tips are just a few to keep in mind to ensure a successful, efficient, and positive concrete leveling project experience. If your construction company is in the market for a concrete leveling machine, Somero® can help.

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