The Pros & Cons of Factory Certified Refurbished Concrete Equipment

It seems that with all products on the market and within all industries, there’s a debate as to whether or not factory refurbished equipment is a worthwhile investment. In this post, we’ll discuss some of the pros and cons of purchasingfactory certified refurbished concrete leveling equipment to hopefully help our readers make the best decision for their companies. But first, what is concrete leveling equipment?

What is Concrete Leveling Equipment?

Concrete equipment consists of machines used by the construction industry to ensure better and more efficient use of concrete leveling during projects. The importance of leveling concrete correctly and precisely cannot be understated, which is why many contractors turn to concrete leveling machinery to take care of the job.

The Pros of Factory Certified Refurbished Concrete Equipment

There are several pros of buying refurbished concrete leveling equipment.

Low Costs

The primary advantage of certified refurbished concrete equipment is their lower-than-normal costs. Concrete leveling tends to be on the more expensive side and when a factory refurbished piece of equipment comes onto the market, many contractors seek them out due to their lower costs when compared to brand new concrete leveling equipment.

Tax Benefits to a Business

Another important pro of factory certified refurbished equipment is their positive impact on your taxes. Any asset that has been refurbished depending on its style and quality of refurbishment can provide immense tax benefits to the overall business. A refurbished item can be recapitalized at half the value of a new machine using the depreciation schedule.

Familiarity and Comfort of the Workforce

In an era of constantly changing technology, for the workers to keep up with the changing technological requirements of using such equipment can be a tough nut to crack. This is exactly the scenario a worker is likely to face when a company brings in newer equipment into the business to be used by the workforce. Usingrefurbished concrete leveling equipment would mean that the workers will be able to use the equipment that they are better accustomed to and have been using for a longer period of time.

The Cons of Factory Refurbished Concrete Leveling Equipment

Out-of-Date Technology

While factory refurbished concrete leveling equipment can be an ideal option, it’s important to note that technology within the machine may be out of date. Updating the technology within a machine is certainly an option, however, as a machine ages, certain parts may not be available to service (or upgrade) that machine.

Buy Factory Certified Refurbished Concrete Leveling Equipment

If you’re in the market for concrete leveling equipment and are unsure about which type (refurbished vs. new) is the best fit for your business, we’re happy to help.

At Somero, we’ve been creating laser screeds since 1986 and have changed the face of the concrete leveling industry since. Our dedication to our customers is top-notch and when you purchase any concrete leveling equipment from Somero, you can be sure that you’ll receive that service from the moment you purchase to the moment you need to upgrade and thereafter.

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