The Somero Total Process

There is a reason why concrete contractors and construction teams across the United States trust Somero® to provide equipment for their concrete leveling and compacting projects. The Somero Total Process Responsibility delivers quality results on any jobsite. But don’t just take our word for it. See the Somero Total Process at work today in our new video.

The Somero Total Process in Action

This video was made in partnership with the team at Stanford Industrial Flooring LTD, who can be seen hard at work throughout the process.

In this demonstration, you can see the process at work with The Barley Project, taking place in Milton Keynes in Buckinghamshire, England. The specifications for this project were as follows:

  • 100,000m2 distribution center for dry goods
  • To accommodate 12m high adjustable racking
  • Slab thickness – 190mm
  • Concrete – C40
  • Isideo Armor Joint 40mm D x 10mm W x 150mm (150 mm Plate dowels at 600mm centers)
  • Daily area poured: 1,000m2 x 2 (to ensure 30m construction joint centers)

A Breakdown of the Process

Our video breaks down the entire process from beginning to end so that you can see Somero® innovative technology at work. Here are some of the processes that the Stanford Industrial Flooring LTD team helps us highlight in the video:

  • Sub-Base Preparation by Laser Control
    • Tolerance Achieved +0mm -10mm
  • Armored Construction Joint
    • Slab Thickness 190mm
  • Slip Membrane & Mesh Installation
  • Concrete Discharge
  • Concrete Slump 110mm
  • Leveling & Compaction by S22E Laser Screed
  • Edge compaction & Finishing
  • Stop End Installation
  • Isideo Amour Joint
  • 40 mm D x 10mm W x 150mm – Plate Dowel
  • Power Floating & Power Troweling
  • Spray Curing
  • Joint Cutting
  • Joint Cleaning by Vacuum
  • Floor Cleaning

Leaders in Concrete Leveling and Compaction Technology

Somero® is the trusted leader in concrete leveling and compaction technology. Our goal is to help contractors improve their productivity and efficiency on the jobsite by providing innovative machinery to support horizontal concrete placement and advance concrete flatness. Somero’s technology and equipment enables every installation to be completed faster, flatter, and with fewer people.

If you are interested in learning more or have a question about particular equipment, feel free to contact us today.