The Void of Expansive Soils and the Concrete Placement Equipment that Fills It!

When Somero Enterprises, Inc.® was approached about a recent carton crate concrete project in Texas, and asked if our Laser Screed® products could help in placing the concrete, our team was ready for the challenge!

Expansive soils are a common problem that concrete contractors face in high humidity and rain saturated States. The solution is to lay down carton forms or void forms that create a space between expansive soils and concrete structures causing the concrete to become isolated from the swelling of the ground. The purpose of carton forms is to provide a temporary support platform for concrete placement until the structural slab or grade beam sets and can support itself. The material that lies under structural concrete construction, gradually absorbs ground moisture and loses its strength after the concrete has set, creating a space into which soil can expand without causing damage.

The Somero S-485 Laser Screed® machine was used on this project with amazing results in floor flatness and levelness.

Crate Forms as seen above.