Tips for Concrete Construction Companies: How to Give Your Clients the Best Customer Service Experience

Maintaining excellent customer service at Somero® is our top priority. We know that it is not always easy to communicate with frustrated customers, therefore we have come up with some tips for concrete construction companies to help give your clients the best customer service experience:

  • Master clear communication by using clear and easy to understand language, in a tone that is refreshing and appealing to frustrated customers.
  • Practice patience by treating customers as you would like to be treated. Take a couple deep breaths before answering a call or after a customer has said something rude, it will help keep you relaxed and calm.
  • Use positive language when you want to redirect the conversation from a negative situation such as a backorder product. Using positive language can reduce the odds that the customer will be upset. Try this method: Control the situation, Acknowledge the dilemma, Refocus the conversation, and Problem – solve so the customer leaves happy (Think CARP).
  • Respond quickly to questions & concerns because nothing is worse than being ignored! People ask questions because there are searching for an answer so the sooner you can get back to them, the more likely they are going to appreciate your customer service.
  • Resolve problems by showing that you care about getting it right, you’re willing to keep going to get it right, and you know that the customer is the one who determines what “right” is. Make suggestions based on your expertise that will most likely benefit the customer so that they are likely to return in the future.

Somero’s mission is to provide the highest quality of support to our customers in the shortest amount of time possible. We also like to receive feedback based on previous customer experiences so that we can adjust our practices accordingly. Here are the most recent results from the Somero® Customer Satisfaction survey of 2015:

  • 86% of customers feel like Somero was extremely responsive to questions and concerns about products
  • 86% of customers rated customer support from Somero to be of excellent quality
  • 88% of customers were very satisfied with Somero
  • 4/5 people claimed that it took much less time than expected for Somero to respond to their questions and concerns

If you are a concrete construction company looking to improve your customer service skills, ask them how they felt. There is no better source of information than from the customers themselves!

For more information about Somero and its customer service and technical support practices, click here.