Trading Up Concrete Leveling Equipment

Much like your car or even your cell phone, the ability to trade up has allowed consumers to trade in their old, outdated pieces of equipment for newer, state-of-the-art pieces. The same is true for Somero’s concrete leveling equipment and laser screeds.

The 2015 construction season is in full swing and according to the Portland Cement Association, the US will be up double digits from last year. If you’re construction company is benefitting from these numbers (and we sure hope so!), we’d like to extend an offer to you that will help you take advantage of this growth in the construction industry!

Somero’s laser screeds are the top screeds on the market today and help our clients from all over the world increase efficiency and reduce labor costs. If you’ve purchased a Somero laser screed from us and are looking for new, updated equipment, you can trade your Somero concrete equipment in for a newer model!

Benefits of Trading in your Laser Screed

If a brand new piece of concrete leveling equipment is just out of reach, an option you should definitely consider is trading in your current laser screed for a newer model.

Updated Technology

Trading in your piece of Somero equipment will allow you to take advantage of the newest technology we’ve implemented in our new machines. With this new technology, you can increase efficiency among your team and help to reduce overall labor costs.


As we mentioned above, if a new machine is just out of reach, you can save money by opting for a trade-in. This will also be cost-effective in that it will save your company money down the road as you’ll be able to complete projects much faster with our new, updated technology.

Trade In Your Equipment Today!

We won’t be offering trade-ins for much longer, so if you’re interested in trading up your Somero machinery, now is the time to do so! Our laser screeds are the best offered on the market today and we understand that your success is our own success. That’s why when you purchase from Somero, you’ll get concierge level service at every step. From the initial sale to laser screed training to post-purchase support, we are there for our clients every step of the way.

For more information about trade-ins, contact us here today!