Why You Should Upgrade to the New Somero® 3-D Profiler System®!

3-D Profiler

At the World of Concrete Somero was proud to release a new update for our 3-D Profiler System® focused on one goal: making our programs simpler and more user-friendly. What do you need to know about our new system and how it differs from the old? Read on to see all the awesome features that will make you drool.

1. Trimble® Kenai Tablet Replaces the Panasonic Toughbook Computer

We’ve taken that old laptop and replaced it with a light-weight, easy-to-transport Trimble® Kenai tablet. Our new tablet is sure to make your Laser Screed® Operator’s life easier. The tablet can be mounted to the survey rod and it has an integrated radio which eliminates the external radio required with the old laptop. It also reduces the number of cords and cables needed.

Your operators will be glad they don’t have to juggle a laptop, radio, and rod any longer! The new Somero 3-D Profiler System will make it less cumbersome to enter points – and could potentially help you reduce the number of people required to layout a pour.

2. Simpler 3-D Profiler System Software

Our new software has been written for the tablet and as such is much simpler to use. It’s intuitive and offers informative error messages and “next step” suggestions. Icons replace text in many areas for simpler understanding regardless of language barriers.

The upgraded software also includes basic job layout/survey features. Previous versions required the purchase of additional equipment from Trimble to do this. By incorporating the layout features, it will save you around $12,000 in additional purchases.

3. Productivity

There has been no change in the overall performance of the system related to accuracy or speed/productivity during screeding. It still allows automatic, accurate, paving of contoured sites using Somero Laser Screed® equipment. It’s ideal for use on parking lots, loading docks and service areas!

Another fun bonus feature? We have a new powered survey target.  The total station locks on and tracks the powered target more consistently, making your site surveys more efficient.

So why wait? It’s time to upgrade to a new and improved Somero® 3-D Profiler System® today! For more information, watch our video,  call us at 239-210-6519 or visit www.somero.com!

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