Used Laser Screed Models: Are They a Good Fit?

When it comes to purchasing concrete placing and leveling equipment, many people choose to buy their equipment new. Though purchasing brand new equipment may offer many assurances, this is not always the best option for everyone. Used models can be a great fit for those who want to take advantage of the efficiency of Laser Screed® technology while still remaining within their equipment budget.

Is a Used Laser Screed Model Right for You?

Cost is one of the biggest factors that effects purchasing decisions when it comes to buying concrete placing and leveling equipment. Ultimately, Laser Screed models allow you to reduce overall costs as the equipment increases efficiency and productivity, which can have a positive impact on your profitability. However, certain circumstances may put this equipment outside of your current budget.

Perhaps you are in the midst of expanding your business or you unexpectedly need to replace a piece of equipment quickly and cost-effectively. You might also find yourself wanting to upgrade your equipment to benefit from the increased efficiency and productivity that Laser Screed technology can provide. If purchasing new Laser Screed equipment is not an option at this time, buying a used model can allow you to enjoy all the perks of this innovative technology at a price that is more affordable for you.

You Don’t Have to Sacrifice Quality

Just because you are buying used equipment does not mean that you must sacrifice quality. If new equipment is not within your budget, you can still take advantage of the time and labor saving technology that Somero provides by exploring our line of factory remanufactured Laser Screed models. These models offer you the same quality that you have come to expect from Somero at a lower cost, so that you can maintain safety and efficiency while enjoying the value of our trusted products.

Top Quality, Budget-Friendly Prices

Do you want Laser Screed equipment with superior quality at an affordable price? Explore Somero’s selection of factory remanufactured equipment, which offers you the same standard of quality as all of our top products at prices that fit within your budget.

Somero® is a world leader in the concrete placing and leveling industry. As innovators in laser screed technology, we have developed first-class equipment that is more efficient and cost-effective than many of our competitors. When you purchase a used Laser Screed model from Somero, you have peace of mind in knowing that you are not compromising on quality.

If you have any questions about our products or you would like more information about our used Laser Screed equipment, contact us now.