Who Is Somero Enterprises Inc.® ?

Somero Enterprises, Inc.® is more than the World-Wide Leader in Concrete Leveling Equipment and Technically Innovative Machinery Company.

Somero is a company that is based on being Passionate About Our Customer’s Success! With offices in Houghton, Michigan, Fort Myers, Florida, Chesterfield, England, Shanghai, China and New Delhi, India all strategically placed to serve more than 90 countries around the Globe. With certified Somero Dealers in the Middle East, Russia, Poland, Switzerland, South America, Canada, Italy, Australia, South Africa, Singapore, Norway, Iceland and Germany.

The inventors of the concrete Laser Screed® and founded by a family of concrete contractors in 1986, Somero has over 6,000 machines currently in operation around the world, proving we are the leaders in concrete leveling. Somero offers ten different machine models, 3 of which are boom screeds, allowing for versatility for most contractors and applications. All machine models have operator conveniences unmatched in the industry. From the first to the last pass, the operator need not leave the machine control area. However, that’s not all:

· World Class Customer Support, 24/7 365 days a year.

· World Class Parts Division.

· State-of-the-Art Training Programs offering the World’s first ever Concrete College Program.

· Field jobsite consulting and training,

· A question and answer forum and support wherever and whenever you need it.

When purchasing from Somero, you are not just purchasing a piece of concrete equipment, you are purchasing a business partnership with 30 years’ experience in the industry with unlimited resources. When Thinking Concrete, think…Somero ~ It’s Just What We Do.