World of Concrete 2015 Success

The World of Concrete 2015 held in Las Vegas, Nevada February 3 – February 6 was a Somero Success! The year has started favorably for the equipment industry and more importantly for Somero in the month of January. With the World of Concrete putting a spring in everyone’s step, demonstrated fully with marked increase in attendance. Somero had 477 visit it’s booth in total which is up from 2014. One way to describe the show’s atmosphere would be electricfying. The tone from conversations with customers and others in the industry was positive and upbeat, which signals upward momentum in the market. The industry is ready for a good year of doing business, which Somero is ready to support that growth. The trade show and our new booth was a magnificent display of what this industry represented.

The motivation should continue throughout the year and with the good start from the show totaling $2.5 million in sales. We had a total of 16 orders signed at the show.