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Redwood Expansion Joints Recently Concurred by using Somero Enterprises® S-15R Laser Screed® Model!

On a recent project that was using Redwood Expansion Joints to place concrete slabs, the contractor didn’t believe that a Laser Screed® machine could be used on a project using such joints. The Somero S-15R Laser Screed model proved to be a great success on the Redwood Expansion Joint project. Easy maneuverability around the joints […]

December’s Deal of the Month!

December’s Deal of the Month is the PowerRake® Machine! Designed to take the grunt effort out of placing concrete or grading fine-granular materials, this 4-wheel drive, ride-on, hydraulic powered concrete grading machine is so easy to operate your crew will be proficient with it in minutes. The PowerRake®’s innovative, patented design was developed to allow […]

Congratulations to John Richardson of Richardson Concrete

Somero Enterprises, Inc.® would like to congratulate John Richardson of Richardson Concrete based in Idaho Falls, Idaho on being the winning bidder of the S-485 Laser Screed® model at the 2015 Concrete Industry Management (CIM) Auction held in Las Vegas, NV World of Concrete 2015. Congratulations John!

Congratulations to Fenix Construction on their purchase of the Somero S-22E Demo Laser Screed® model!

Congratulations to Fenix Construction on their purchase of the Somero S-22E Demo Laser Screed® model! Somero Enterprise® is the industry leader for innovative and productive concrete placing and leveling solutions. Our products make the concrete contractor more efficient, more productive, and more profitable. Now we make it simple by giving the contractor even more control […]

Concrete Services Beats The Heat and High Winds After Partnering with Somero Enterprises Inc.®

Architectural and structural installations are all in a days work for Concrete Services, who is a wholly owned subsidiarity subcontractor of Swinerton Builders. However, beating the high California winds and heat on a new 80-acre Business Park located in Livermore, California are proving to be calm and cool. Read More Visit Concrete Services

China Hires New General Manager of Sales

We would like to welcome Lincoln Liu to Somero. Lincoln was recently hired as General Manager – Sales for Somero China and is based in Shanghai. Most recently Lincoln held the position of National Flooring Segment Manager at Bekaert China and was with them for more than eleven years. Please join us in congratulating and […]


由于对朔马珞公司(Somero Enterprises, Inc.®)的不断支持和信赖,我们的中国业务实现了大幅度的增长。也正是由于这种支持,朔马珞中国业务不断发展,使得我们可以全力推动中国地坪行业的发展。 朔马珞中国在中国上海青浦成立已有两年,从一家美国公司的代表处发展成一家美商投资的中国企业,面积已达800平方米。随着中国业务的进一步发展,朔马珞中国决定搬入全新的办公楼,总面积达3000平方米。新的办公楼将用作朔马珞中国的办公场所、机械/零件仓库,以及业内的第一个混凝土学院。混凝土学院将为我们的客户提供真实的混凝土浇筑培训。 新的办公地点将为我们的中国客户带来: 充足的机械/零件库存 快速的订单发货 大面积的室内培训场地 便利的交通 朔马珞公司(Somero Enterprises, Inc.®)为所取得的发展深感自豪,并将继续我们在中国市场上的努力,并使您成为更成功的混凝土承包商。为什么?因为我们致力于您的成功!

Chelsea Yang Named Top 10 Figures of China Floor Industry

Chelsea Yang, Sales Engineer from Somero China, has been awarded by China Floor Association the “Top 10 Figures of China Floor Industry.” Chelsea has been communicating with Project Owners, General Contractors and Design Institutes to promote the concept of wide placement of concrete floors. The concept has been widely accepted and put to use in […]

A Message from the Executive Vice President of Sales

A pre-owned Laser Screed® or 3-D Profiler System® may come with a low price, but if equipped with obsolete control systems, the buyer could spend up to six figures to get it up-to-date on technology and to perform at a level that you deserve and need. Based on its overall condition or year of the […]

10th Annual CIM Auction to be held at World of Concrete 2016

Somero Enterprises, Inc.® is proud to participate once again in the 10th Annual CIM (Concrete Industry Management) Auction at the World of Concrete February 2-5, 2016. This year Somero will be auctioning the S-485 Laser Screed®model. Don’t miss your opportunity to participate. Held on Wednesday, February 3rd at 1:00p.m. in the North Hall at the […]