ACI Certification Training – “Concrete Flatwork Finisher” October 16-17, 2023

The Somero Concrete Institute (SCI) is pleased to offer the ACI accredited course that’s open to all industry professionals. This comprehensive ACI program includes everything professionals need to receive the ACI “Concrete Flatwork Finisher” certification from ACI.

Concrete Flatwork Finisher: ACI will grant certification to those candidates who:

  • Possess 1,500 hours of actual on-the-job finishing*experience (approximately one year of regular full-time work) AND
  • Successfully pass the performance examination**

Certification is valid for a period of five years from the date of successfully completing all requirements.

One of the main benefits of our ACI course is the exam’s format. In lieu of a written exam, the ACI “Concrete Flatwork Finisher” (previously known as the “Concrete Flatwork Tradesman” certification exam) is evaluated on hands-on performance on day 2. Not only is the hands-on exam a preferred format of participants, it’s also helpful when dealing with potential job site situations like language barriers. In addition to the practical knowledge and experience, many employers are beginning to include this ACI certification as a requirement for candidates. Day 1, although not required for the certification class; is an additional day of training that we’re including to pass along information from industry professionals.

To Register or get more information, please call us today! Limited seats available.

1-906-482-7252, OPTION #4

Reference Class # SCI-60002

Course Descriptions

ACI “Concrete Flatwork Finisher” (previously known as “Concrete Flatwork Tradesman”) is a 2-day ‘in the mud” practical performance exam. This is not a written test.  Day one is in the classroom for some training knowledge from our industry professionals (and isn’t required to attend), Day two is placing concrete in Somero’s SCI (Somero Concrete Institute) facility. This is the performance exam portion needed to receive your certification.  Receive your ACI certification after completing this course. On sign up, please note if translation is needed.

Course # SCI-60002 ACI Training Class

Training Courses

Day One: This is optional, not required to receive the “Concrete Flatwork Finisher” certification

  • Pre-Pour Planning
  • Concrete Fundamentals
  • Proper Sub-Grade Preparation
  • Mix Designs (lower shrinkage, less curl)
  • Hand Tool Applications
  • Bull Floats, Check Rods, & Bump Cutters
  • F-Number System, Random Traffic Floors, & Defined Traffic Floors
  • Machine Patterns
  • Trouble-Shooting Concrete Floors

Day Two: This day is REQUIRED to pass & receive the “Concrete Flatwork Finisher” certification

  • Take the ACI Practical Examination:
    • Show skills needed to place, consolidate, finish, edge, joint, cure and protect concrete flatwork
      • Proper Floating & Troweling Techniques
      • Hand Tool Identification & Application


Please note: attendees are required to wear work boots to the class. We recommend steel-toed boots. Rubber pull-on boots are provided


The Fort Myers area offers a wide variety of options for overnight accommodations. For your convenience, we have arrangements with three preferred hotels that provide shuttle services to/from the airport and Somero facility for all SCI attendees and are happy to offer reduced corporate rates during your stay. To receive these offers, please ask for the ‘Somero Concrete Institute Group Rate’ or mention code ‘SCI’ while making your reservations.

Holiday Inn Ft. Myers Airport @ Town Center
9931 Interstate Commerce Drive
Fort Myers, FL 33913
Phone: 239-561-1550
Fax: 239-561-9999

Drury Inn & Suites
9950 University Plaza Dr
Fort Myers, FL 33913
Phone: 239-267-1340

Hilton Garden Inn and Homewood Suites
16410 Corporate Commerce Way
Fort Myers, FL 33913
Phone: 239-210-7200

Please note accommodations in the Fort Myers area can be pricey, and depending on when you visit, very hard to find. Be advised that the months of December through March constitute peak vacation season in southwest Florida, so hotels and restaurants are especially busy during that time. We strongly advise reserving your accommodations BEFORE arriving.