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The Benefits of Factory Refurbished Laser Screeds from Somero

In the concrete laying and leveling equipment industry, you can’t do better than Somero’s Laser Screeds. With used laser screeds, you can enjoy even lower costs. However, most people might […]

Concrete Roller Screed, Benefits

There are many types of screeds that contractors use to smooth out concrete before finishing. Screeds are essential for flatwork projects, and concrete contractors often have a number of screeds […]

5 Facts about the Concrete Grinder

Concrete grinders are one of the most adaptable types of concrete machinery available. Appearing in different sizes and with a variety of attachments, the concrete grinder is a complex tool […]

Concrete Power Tools

Concrete Power Tool Buying Guide Power tools for concrete construction improve overall construction systems. Allcommercial concrete and masonry contractors should invest in well-engineered power tools. There are concrete power tools […]

World of Concrete 2015

We are excited to be part of the World of Concrete 2015 trade show this February! The World of Concrete 2015 trade show will be in Las Vegas this year, […]

Concrete Surface Repair

Residential Concrete Surface Repair When a concrete contractor is called to a specific job site to assess aresidential concrete surface, would that contractor repair the concrete surface immediately or replace […]

Concrete Leveling Equipment – Mini Screed™C

2015 Concrete Construction Market According to an analysis by AGC of America, construction employers added 48,000 jobs in December and 290,000 for the year. Association officials stated that many firms […]

Somero China Receives Award

Somero China was recently awarded the China Floor Association’s (CFA) top honor of Best Equipment Manufacturer for 2014.

China Continues to Move Forward

With continued support and trust in Somero Enterprises, Inc.®, we are continuing to see tremendous growth in business in China. It is because of this support, Somero China is continuing […]

Somero Launches The New S-485

Introducing The All New S-485 Laser Screed® Model! The S-485 Laser Screed® Model Simplicity Defined! With our newest and latest innovation. Incredible Pulling Power Easy to Operate OASIS Control System […]