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Faster. Flatter. Fewer. The Somero Difference.

Somero prides itself in assisting those the concrete industry to yield greater results. In other words, we are passionate about your success. We help our clients achieve faster results, with flatter outcomes and fewer mistakes. That is the Somero Difference. Somero has a variety of concrete technology that can be used by all concrete professionals. […]

Product of the Month: The Somero S-22E

Somero has dedicated its time and experience to developing the best tools and equipment of its kind in the industry. Since the company’s inception in the 1980’s, Somero has designed machines that will make the ordinary construction company extraordinary. Laser screeds for example, have been improved over time to better serve our clients and the […]

Top 5 Problems Concrete Contractors Face

Concrete is a preferred material to be used by contractors because of its versatility and reliability. Unfortunately, if the concrete material or equipment purchased is not of great quality, you can run into a lot of problems. Although avoidable, here are the top 5 problems concrete contractors face: Discoloration Concrete will generally remain the same […]

What Makes Somero Different from Other Laser Screed Manufacturers?

There are a lot of qualities that make Somero great, one of which happens to be our customer service. Our level of customer service is unparalleled and includes laser screed training, 24/7 support, extended warranties, and more. Unmatched Laser Screed Training Concrete construction sites tend to quite hectic locations, making it hard to ensure proper […]

Benefits of Used Laser Screed Equipment

Somero’s factory certified remanufactured equipment is perfect for individuals looking to invest in new concrete equipment but find themselves unable to afford a brand new laser screed. With a broad selection of Somero’s remanufactured equipment available, it is important to know how concrete contractors can benefit from used laser screeds and other concrete equipment. If […]

4 Tools Everyone in the Concrete Industry Should Be Using

If you are a contractor who works with concrete, you might be missing out on some of the greatest resources and products out there. Here are 4 tools that everyone in the concrete industry should be using: Free Resources There is an abundance of free online resources for those wanting to know more about the […]

The Impact of Laser Screeds on the Concrete Industry

There was a time in history when contractors had no other choice than to hire individuals to manually lay down concrete. Thankfully, a lot has changed and today, Laser Screeds have revolutionized the way that contractors and individuals in the concrete industry follow through with their every day tasks. Here are some of the top […]

The History of Concrete

Concrete has been used for centuries, aiding historical monuments and tourist attractions worldwide. Read along as we go through the history of concrete, and discover how valuable this simple element really and truly is. Early Uses of Concrete Since 12,000,000 BC, reactions between limestone and oil shale during spontaneous combustion occurred in Israel to form […]

5 Reasons You Should Invest in Durable Concrete Mix

Although it may seem like a good idea to save a few dollars by buying cheap concrete mix, doing so contradict your long-term goals. If you are considering buying cheaper concrete mix, here are 5 great reasons you should actually invest in durable concrete mix. Client Referrals In the case that you were to use […]

Somero Enterprises® Launches the All New S-940 Laser Screed® at the World of Concrete 2016!

Somero Enterprises® is pleased to introduce the All New S-940 Laser Screed® Machine and is proudly on display at the World of Concrete 2016 at Booth #C5803. The All New S-940 has Unmatched Versatility and Simplicity with Increased Power and Productivity and 30 Years of Somero Experience & Technology Combined in One Machine!