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The Customer Support department is pleased to welcome Joe Plesha and Keith Sever to the Team

The Customer Support department is pleased to welcome Joe Plesha and Keith Sever to the department. Joe started working with Customer Support on September 14th as a Customer Support Engineer. Keith Sever started working with Customer Support on October 12th as an Inside Parts Sales Representative. As a Customer Support Engineer, Joe will be responsible […]

The Importance of Staying Up-to-Date on Concrete Trends

Everything seems to be changing these days, including the world of concrete. In terms of new advancements in the concrete and cement-based industries, new products are quickly changing the design of the construction world. Decorative Concrete & Residential Construction America’s Cement Manufacturers say that concrete is one of the most widely used construction materials in […]

Somero Enterprises® is Proud to Announce the Most Technically Innovated System ~ The All New Somero Floor Levelness System®

Is your Grade Control System running at its best? Are you having issues with F numbers but don’t know where to start? Are you interested in becoming a more experienced operator? Somero Enterprises is proud to announce the Somero Floor Levelness System®. The first technology of its kind, the Somero Floor Levelness System® monitors Laser […]

December’s Deal of the Month!

December’s Deal of the Month is the PowerRake® Machine! Designed to take the grunt effort out of placing concrete or grading fine-granular materials, this 4-wheel drive, ride-on, hydraulic powered concrete grading machine is so easy to operate your crew will be proficient with it in minutes. The PowerRake®’s innovative, patented design was developed to allow […]

The Key to Somero’s Laser Screed Models: Proper Customer Service and Laser Screed Training

The key to Somero’s Laser Screed® models are a combination of proper customer service and Laser Screed training. We have years of experience working with customers to solve even the toughest application and maintenance problems associated with Laser Screed concrete leveling equipment. When you buy from Somero®, we stand behind our equipment and provide you […]

Somero® ~ The World’s First Ever Globally Recognized Company to Start a Concrete College!

Somero Enterprises, Inc.® continues to be Passionate About Our Customers Success by being the first company to successfully launch a Concrete College that continues to build on providing education and hands-on training on the value of high-performance flat concrete floors. We recently opened the Concrete College in Shanghai, China with huge success and will be […]

Somero Enterprises® Uses The All New S-10A Laser Screed® Machine on its All New Global Headquarters and Training Facility!

Somero Enterprises, Inc.® is making significant progress on its all new Global Headquarters and Training Facility located in Fort Myers, Florida. The All New S-10A Laser Screed® Machine was recently used to lay the flatwork on it’s warehouse and training room with amazing results.

The Importance of Embracing Change as a Concrete Contractor

As every project and construction plan is different, deciding what will contribute to best practices may vary. Working together as a team is helpful so that the owner and engineers working on a project can integrate ideas from construction documents to come up with the most efficient building process possible for their project. As a […]

Doing More with Less Using the Right Concrete Leveling Equipment

We all try to do more with less in many parts of our lives. Doing more with less by using the right concrete leveling equipment can save your concrete construction company major dollars! As Rob Marringa of Case Construction Equipment explains, “The current challenging economic environment makes investment in capital equipment expenditures increasingly difficult, so […]

Tips for Concrete Construction Companies: How to Give Your Clients the Best Customer Service Experience

Maintaining excellent customer service at Somero® is our top priority. We know that it is not always easy to communicate with frustrated customers, therefore we have come up with some tips for concrete construction companies to help give your clients the best customer service experience: Master clear communication by using clear and easy to understand […]